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Penchant for all things Russian

So, I have a penchant πŸ’“ for Russian Presidents such as Mikhail Gorbachev and Putin.
Remember the ad Mikhail was in for LV? Would we see Putin in an ad for Max Chernitsov? Aw probably not such a shame given his politics on the LGBTQ community. 
I love the series State of Undress on Viceland and in particular the episode in Russia. They, Russians, want to produce their own brands and bring them prestige, as well known European brands have.Well most Russians I'm sure not the fiancΓ©es from '90 Day Fiance or mail order Russian brides who seek men in the U.S.
Featured in this shot Long-sleeve Sweater with Dragons, more colors available.   Tote bag with grenades & Tote bag with Dragons. Men’s skivvies (underwear).
All by one of my beloved Russian designers, Max Chernitsov.

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