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Merry Brunch - Mother Russia Brunch

Looking for a new brunch theme for the holidays? 
Want to have a Christmas day brunch instead of the traditional dinner? The past few years I decided that instead of the typical Christmas day meal we would have an entrΓ©e of beef tenderloins, asparagus and smashed (mashed) potatoes, and shrimp cocktail for an appetizer.  This works well for when you have men around, however when getting together with yourGirlie Piesyou may want to have some chick food.

 From VOL II of our magazine is a simple brunch menu for what we call Mother Russia Brunch

  SnackCaviar with Blinis
Now I buy Romanoff Caviar, which obviously is not expensive, in red and black, and I make my own blinis. Think small pancakes almost as thin as crepes.

    SweetRussian Tea Cakes
I use the Betty Crocker recipe for Russian Tea Cakes.  Super easy recipe with flour, butter, powdered sugar and vanilla. Nuts optional.  To make them Red, I use Edible Hybrid Petal Dust.

Drink  - Red Sparkling Wine & Kousmichoff Tea
My firs…

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